Brunch Menu

seafood bar

fresh oysters *(GF & C) $3 ea.
mignonette du jour, house cocktail, fresh lemon
half dozen $17 full dozen $32

pacific white shrimp cocktail (7) (GF & C)
avocado cocktail sauce, lemon, fresh herbs

blue crab meat salad wraps (GF & C)
crab meat, citrus aioli, dill, avocado, baby romaine

ceviche du jour (GF & C)
ask your server for today’s delicacy


warm artichoke & crabmeat dip (GF & C)
dill potato chips

toast smögen (GF & C)
fresh rock shrimp, dill horseradish créme, fresh lemon, caviar, crostini**

kimistyle crab cakes (2)
avocado cocktail sauce, dijon aioli

coconut shrimp cakes (2)
mango coulis, lingonberry chutney

steamed clams (GF & C)
white wine, garlic, sweet onion, herb butter, grilled ciabatta**

steamed mussels & sausage (GF & C)
white wine, herb butter, garlic, sweet onion, tomatoes,
apple pork sausage, grilled ciabatta**


salads & soups

chef Matt’s untraditional wedge salad (GF & C)
baby romaine, grape tomatoes, gorgonzola, jalapeno bacon,
bleu cheese dressing

w/ grilled chicken $17.5 | w/ sautéed salmon $19.5

golden beet salad (GF & C)
arugula, pickled onions, golden beets, roasted pepitas, feta, red apples, fresh lemon, exvo, orange champagne gastrique
w/ grilled chicken $17.5 | w/ sautéed salmon $19.5

casaer salad (GF & C)
baby romaine, radicchio, shaved parmesan, toasted croutons,
dijon peppercorn dressing

w/ grilled chicken $17.5 | w/ sautéed salmon $19.5

chanterelle mushroom soup (GF & C)
dried cranberry, hickory smoked bacon

creamy clam chowder (GF & C)
sea clams, potato, leeks, chives, dill, creamy clam broth, hickory smoked bacon

breakfast treats

(served with fried potatoes, fresh fruit salad)

breakfast croissant
toasted large croissant, lingonberry preserves, honey butter

banana pancakes
buttermilk banana cinnamon pancakes, warm pecan coconut caramel sauce

apple crumble croissant french toast
cinnamon egg dipped croissant, sautéed apples, oatmeal brown sugar crumble

croque madam
smoked cured ham, jarlsberg, arugula, Havarti, soft-poached egg, béarnaise, thick sour dough, open-faced

kimi’s jalapeno bacon toast
jalapeno bacon, soft-poached egg, avocado, butter-fried sour dough, hollandaise

pacific salmon toast
sautéed salmon, soft-poached egg, wilted bacon drizzled arugula,
butter-fried sour dough, hollandaise, micro greens


swedish pytt-i-panna
beef tenderloin chunks, salt-cured ham, sweet onion, diced yellow potato,
fried egg, pickled beets


omelette bar
omelette to order: sautéed mushrooms, arugula, roasted baby peppers,
smoked cured ham, jalapeno bacon, swiss, feta, white cheddar


stockholm scramble
oven-baked omelette, crimini mushrooms, chanterelle mushroom sauce, grilled tomato, prinskorv “swedish mini sausage”

root vegetable hash
roasted carrots, parsnips, onions, mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, fried egg

sandwiches & burgers

(served with our side salad)

add salt & pepper hand-cut fries $5.5
sweet beer battered walla walla onion rings $4.5

house jalapeno bacon, vine tomatoes, baby romaine, smoked pasila aioli on warm ciabatta bread

grilled cheese
burrata, havarti, jarlsberg, white cheddar, buttered sour dough

big matt burger
grilled 10 oz hand formed beef patty, jarlsberg, jalapeno bacon, remoulade, crispy onion rings, romaine, sliced tomato, ciabatta bun


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness.

**ask your server for rice crackers and they will be provided instead of bread
VG = Vegan, GF = Gluten Free, C= Celiac Soy Free

20% gratuity may be added to groups of 5 or larger.

Please make us aware of any food allergies you may have prior to ordering your meal!!

I sincerely appreciate you supporting kimi’s chop & oyster house and would love to hear your comments so that we can always exceed your expectations! Due to the inconvenience, we do not offer separate checks. We will gladly divide a check into equal amounts without a surcharge. Thanks! kimi